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When you are in the process of choosing a school for your son or daughter understandably you want to make the best possible choice for their future. At Scone & District Preschool we believe we are the education provider in Scone for co-educational childhood and teenage education and development.

From our wonderfully inviting premises to our engaging classes and activities your son or daughter will have all of the benefits of quality care that only comes from educators with years of experience. Suiting all levels of quality education, we have a curriculum that employs the latest developments in global learning as well as subjects which continue great traditions of education and knowledge. Our teaching is geared toward interactive learning whilst tending to the needs of the individual. Practical outcomes are what we strive for. 

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What we offer

What we offer

As a dedicated parent you care about the quality of the education your child is receiving. At Scone & District Preschool we have the curriculum and teachers that will provide your son or daughter with perfect balance of work and play.

You will also love our co-ed schools if you value convenience and close proximity to transport and the city centre. We are the top co-ed provider of both primary and secondary education in Scone for a variety of reasons.

If your children are just starting school, or you're not satisfied with the school your child currently attends, or perhaps, you're moving and need to find a new school? We can help. Call us today.

Our approach

The process of selecting a co-ed school can be quite daunting and time consuming.

At Scone & District Preschool we believe education doesn't have to be. After speaking with our dedicated faculty members in Scone your education choice will be clear when it comes to the welfare and future development of your son or daughter. Leave their primary and secondary education in the best possible hands.

We provide a well-balanced co-ed curriculum and atmosphere and look forward to speaking with you about your child's education.